Boone United Methodist, at the base of Howard’s Knob

Welcome to our backyard

Boone United Methodist Church welcomes you to our backyard. We don’t expect everyone in Boone to come through our front door, but we do hope that you’ll have a chance to explore our beautiful backyard. We are currently building a trail on Howard’s Knob, Boone’s iconic peak. We would love your help. Our hope is that this trail would be a blessing to the community of Boone and a tangible way to show love to our neighbors.

About the Trail

When completed, The Boone United Trail will be a 2.5 mile loop through beautiful hardwood forests. The trail will be moderately graded with families and trail runners in mind. The route was chosen to maximize the conservation land on which it sits and provide a beautiful trail experience. It begins behind Boone United Methodist church (the end of the field where firewood cutting takes place) and forms a loop just shy of the Howard’s Knob summit.

About the Church

Boone United Methodist Church owns this land and is sharing the space with the community of Boone. United Methodists seek to experience God wherever he may be found. We desire to offer our prayers and praise to Him and to love our neighbor well. It is with this spirit that the trail finds its roots. We hope you enjoy the trail. Maybe you’ll even find yourself praising God the creator while you’re up on the mountain.


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